Are any of the bonuses exclusive?

Online casinos can be defined as platforms that lets online gamblers play and bet on a wide variety of favorite casino games using the internet. They are sometimes referred to as virtual casinos and sometimes internet casinos. When you think of online casinos, what comes in mind is the brick and mortar, which is basically the traditional or old fashioned traditional casinos. As a matter of fact, online casino is the modern version of the brick and mortar. The difference between the two is that when players play and wage, they use the internet. The other reason why the two are not the same is that the online casino offers a high percentage of odds and payback.


These two factors are what creates the difference between online casinos and the traditional brick and mortar.

Online casinos have great offers for both new and existing members and there are reasons why online casino platforms do this. First and foremost, it is the easiest way to entice and maintain members to continue playing on their sites. The offers are in different shapes and sizes depending on different bookmakers. One of the offers used include the exclusive casino bonuses. However, there are some of the offers that have conditions that require a player to fulfil them before withdrawing the winnings in form of real money.

When refer to something to be exclusive, it means that it is especially good and exclusive bonuses are worth to be utilized. Exclusive bonuses may sometimes take different forms and usually are accompanied by favorable terms and conditions.

So what are exclusive casino bonuses?

Excusive bonus casino in simple terms are especially good casino bonuses that have favorable casino terms. In most cases, exclusive casino bonuses take different forms and players can take advantage of one of them. To begin with, exclusive casino bonuses have standard options as well as much improved terms. The standard options may be in form of no deposit or deposit bonuses. Besides, now that they in the category of exclusive bonuses, they are therefore featuring favorable terms and conditions.

An exclusive casino bonus also is characterized with a temporary high-roller status. A temporary high roller status is a tick for most online casino players even though not most of them can afford it. The good thing in gambling is that everyone has a chance to choose where he/she suits. High roller status are associated with players who enjoy unique chances which can be treated as special guests.

Exclusive casino bonuses might also take the form of an exclusive promo code. It is usually a special code and they are in most cases offered to new casino members who share the promo code to have the bonus. Some other casino sites prefer to offer it on a regular basis of either weekly or monthly on a certain category of games.

What are the best exclusive casino bonuses?

When dealing with exclusive casino bonuses, it is important we look at them in different groups so as to identify some differences in terms of the features they have. The following are some of the best online casino exclusive bonuses in the online casino industry:

Exclusive No Deposit Bonuses

Exclusive no deposit bonuses have been in operation for the longest time possible since the introduction of online casino gambling. Exclusive no deposit bonus are actually 100% free. You don’t need to make any deposit for you start playing on the casino platform. A player only needs to sign up for an account to qualify for an exclusive no deposit bonus although they tend to be smaller than the deposit bonuses  and that they have some conditions that they carry. Some of the conditions include wagering requirements which a player has to fulfil before making withdrawal of the winnings made out of the exclusive no deposit bonuses.

A wagering requirement in online casino simply refers to the number of times a player has to play the bonus offer before being able to withdraw the winnings for real money. In this case, if you make a win out of the exclusive no deposit bonus, you will be required to play a multiple times set by the online casino provider. Other casinos also initiate a maximum limit of the amount which can be won and selected games which a player can only wage on.

VIP Bonuses

A VIP casino bonus is an offer that all new players who sign up for an account on most of online casinos upon their first deposit. The VIP bonuses can also be given in a regular weekly basis to encourage players to continue playing on their sites forever. For the case of high-roller players on online casino platforms, online casino providers will want to keep them on the platforms at all costs. This is the reason why they have come up with the special VIP Programs and VIP casino bonuses.

The VIP is one of the best online casinos exclusive bonuses that comes with a number of benefits to players. The benefits with different casino VIP schemes offered are all common. They feature faster withdrawal times, low wagering and no wagering bonuses, higher withdrawal and deposit limits, increased free spins bonuses as well as deposit bonuses and exclusive regular promotions, bonuses as well as perks.

Bonus money

Bonus money in online casino is actually an offer that a layer is entitled to upon registering an account on a casino site. The offer is usually in form of cash bonus in most cases but can be also in form free spins depending on different casino provider. This is also another form of exclusive casino bonus for new players who join online casino platforms.

No Deposit Bonuses


No deposit bonus is one of welcome bonus in online gambling. They were introduced when the online casinos were established some years back are very popular in the industry. Not every no deposit bonus is good for every casino player. Some of them have hidden terms and conditions players should be aware of. Some of the conditions include wagering requirements, minimum and maximum deposit and many more. It is therefore important to know the terms and conditions the no deposit bonus you are dealing with.

A no deposit bonus basically is an offer given out to a new member who joins an online casino by signing up. The reward is free and what is required is to sign up and you can claim the offer for free without depositing any amount in your account. No deposit can be in different forms and the most popular is the free spins or free cash. The idea of no deposit bonus is very tricky because in one way or the other, when you have exhausted the free offers it is quite hard to leave the site. You will continue to remain hooked to the site so it is just the best way of attracting members to join and when they are glued on the site it is hard to live.

Can anyone get these kinds of bonuses?

Exclusive casino bonuses can be offered to any online casino player and in order to claim, a player has to sign up for an account as they are usually offered to new members on the platform to entice them to play. Some casinos can offer them to high roller status players in different forms. Some casino sites have embraced the idea of promotional codes on some of them and they are mostly applicable to novice players. These kinds of bonuses are worth.

Pros and cons of exclusive casino bonuses


  • Have some of the best terms
  • They can increase chances of winning
  • They are risk free
  • No deposit required
  • You don’t lose anything
  • You can try out on several casino platforms for free


  • May include wagering requirements
  • They also may include maximum limit withdrawal on games won

Final verdict

Exclusive casino bonuses is one of the best method players can use in recent times to increase their chances of winning big and make real money.

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