Can I withdraw winnings from a free bet?

Online casinos are platforms that let gamblers play and even wage on all favorite casino games through the internet. Online casinos have several names and sometimes can be referred to as virtual casinos or internet casinos. Online casinos are basically the modern version of the traditional casinos, brick and mortar the only difference between the two being the use of internet. In general, online casinos are different from the traditional type because they have odds as well as payback percentages which are a bit high.

An online casino bonus on the other hand is when players are offered with anything extra to help them bet on games. It can be in a form of deposit matching in bonus money, free spins, on-site currency and much more. Bonuses can be offered by an online casino as a welcome package or as part of a given promotion. It is usually meant to motivate both new and existing members to continue playing and placing bets on their platforms.

Free bets in online casino industry are a very confusing term especially if you are a newbie. When you encounter free bet in online casino as a beginner the first question that comes into your mind is ‘can you withdraw free bet winnings?’ With this question, it is necessary to know that there are terms and conditions and they differ between bookmakers. It is what a player has to read and understand when using free bet. Some of the online casinos put wagering requirements on the winnings made through free bets while others don’t. It is essentially important to know all the conditions so that when it reaches a time you wish to withdraw real money there isn’t a restriction you aren’t aware of.

What are casino free bets or Free Bonuses?

As earlier stated, casino free bets or free bonuses are anything extra awarded to a casino player to boost his/her chances of making more wins. The free bets or bonuses can be in different forms like bonus money, free spins and much more. It is meant to attract new members or retain the existing ones to have more appetite of playing more and more. Can you withdraw winnings from a free bet? You can withdraw winnings made from free bets as long as all requirements are met if they exist.

The gambling industry has taken a great evolution since its initiation and the introduction of the internet changed the way of gambling. Online casino has expanded since its initiation too and has experienced an increase in a number of gamblers. The casinos are experiencing competition and this is the reason why they come up with free bets or free bonuses. Bookmakers use this method to make gamblers think that they are being offered something free at the end of the day.

In a traditional way, free bets aren’t really free. In most cases, if you want to qualify for a free bet you have to sign up for an account, make deposit and then you can qualify for a free bet. Before you even get a free bet, you have to place a bet and might end up losing it. When you are given a free bet, it isn’t a matter of waging, winning and then withdrawing directly. There are terms and conditions that might restrict you from making the withdrawal, wagering requirement.

So can you withdraw winnings from a free bet?

Free bets in most cases are offered with conditions which must be followed for you to withdraw free bet winnings from them. Some online casino sites offer bets with wagering requirements. A wager in online casino refers to a bet or amount a player uses on online casino games. Online casinos offer casino bonuses which come with wagering requirements attached to them.

A wagering requirement in this case refers to the number of times a player has to use the bonus money in waging before he can be allowed to withdraw winnings free bet from the account. Another condition that comes with these free bets is minimum withdrawal limit and beginners found difficulties with wagering requirements as opposed to minimum withdrawal limit. Winnings from a free bet that has wagering requirements can never be converted into real money and withdrawn unless the conditions are met. In some cases you might encounter some online casino sites that contribute a certain percentage on the wagering requirements to make it easy for players to withdraw real money from their accounts. Slot games are the highest in contributing towards wagering requirements compared to online blackjack or roulette.

What are free bets in casinos?

Free bets in casinos refer to specific value of bonus a bookmaker offer their customers with to wage on. Free bets are offered by most of the bookmakers upon opening new betting accounts with their sites. Free bet is different from regular bet in that, with free bets, a player doesn’t contribute the stake. This means that after you make winnings from the free bets, they won’t be refunded to your account alongside your winnings.

Free bets are offered by bookmakers to encourage more people to sign up on their sites with a possibility of making a deposit into their accounts. They do this so that players will continue betting on their sites in future. There are several ways free bets can be used. Free bets can be used to increase your bankroll which is the easiest and simplest way.

A free bet can also be used on another likely outcome as a hedge. An example is choosing to bet on a certain team winning the event with your regular bet and then use the free bet as a backup for the other team. This usually increases the chances of winning and making more profits without additional costs. A free bet can also be turned into money using a tactic method known as matched betting. Matched betting is when a player decides to wage a free bet on a specified outcome and uses a betting exchange to wage with hopes that the outcome won’t happen. In this way you will earn a profit regardless of the outcome because you waged for free. This is another way you can withdraw free bet winnings casino.

Guide to withdrawing winnings

Hundreds of online casinos exist and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose which one to play. It is therefore essentially important to take into account all what is required guidelines of online casino requirements in advance. Above all these, the climax of gambling is usually when you reach the point of making withdrawals. The process of withdrawal ca be easy of all requirements are met and it can take few minutes. Every online casino has a different policy that is associated with real money withdrawal. However the entire process of withdrawing out your winnings is quite the same.

Cash withdrawal depends on a large extend on the method of payment the respective online casino you are using has. Depending on the method of payment you choose, there are steps that have to be followed. First of all you need to log in into your account and go to the cashier’s section. This section is where you used to deposit funds you used for waging.

This section has other useful information like the processing time of your winnings as well as fees. This is where you are to select your withdrawal option you will use to cash out the winnings. Always stick to a payment option you know how to use and trust. After you have chosen the best payment method, you will be required to feed in required details like personal and financial information. Some payment methods do not require you to feed in such information and take note of those that have minimum and maximum limits. When you meet all the conditions then you are ready to withdraw cash.

Final verdict

As an online casino player, make sure that the casino you want to sign up for is fully licensed by an authorised gaming body in your region. Legit online casinos offer great gaming experience and free bets which when used appropriately can increase your winnings. Free bets winnings can be converted to real money and cashed out. The process of cashing out is pretty the same with most popular payment methods.


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