Do I have to be a new player to get a no deposit bonus?

Online casinos are basically termed as platforms where gamblers are allowed to play and wage on a wide selection of favorite casino games through the internet. Online casinos have other names like virtual casinos or internet casinos. Online casinos are actually the modern version of the traditional casinos which are commonly known as brick and mortar.

The only difference between the two is that players paly and wage on online casino using the internet. Generally, we can differentiate online casinos from the traditional type because they offer high percentage odds and payback. This is what stands out between the two.

In online casino, every player who wants to join an online casino is looking for one that offers an attractive welcome bonus. Online casinos offer several offers in form of welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses come in different forms and one of them is the no deposit bonus casino. The no deposit is a free offer and unlike other bonuses, you don’t need to spend money to claim bonus no deposit. All that a player needs is to sign up for an online account and the bonus is ready to be used.

No deposit bonus is an important and most popular offer to any casino player because it can increase the chances of winning real money without spending any coin from your deposit money. No deposit bonuses are so popular because they are used by majority of the casinos to attract new members unto their platforms.

So do you need to be new player for no deposit bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are offers that are only given by casino operators to new members who sign up for casino accounts. You can as well term them as new player no deposit bonus. This means that you only need to be a new player to qualify for no deposit bonus. You can know for sure that casinos are giving no deposit bonuses only for new players as they are given out only when a new members signs up for an account with them. No deposit casino bonus is part of welcome offer casinos give out to new members and not existing ones. With free no deposit bonus; new members have an opportunity to take on different casino games and tournaments without risking their bankroll.

What are considered the best no deposit bonuses?

New player no deposit bonus casino is only valid if a player hasn’t deposited any amount at the online casino. It simply implies that a punter will be offered the bonus if at all he/she is a new member on the platform who has just registered and hasn’t placed a stake. A player is advised not to make several accounts for the sake of earning no deposit casino bonuses. When you create multiple accounts to take advantage of no deposit casino bonus is termed as bonus abuse which can lead to your account being locked.

Existing members can take advantage of other casino bonuses that are on the offer. There are many no deposit bonuses available which are classified as the best which players can take advantage of and increase their chances of winning real money. A typical no deposit doesn’t require any deposit. No deposit bonus and other bonuses are in different sizes and shapes and come in the following forms:

Bonus cash: this is a bonus offer in form of small cash players are offered to play on online slots and they usually have wagering requirements attached on them. The great thing with this offer is that they allow the player to play games that are not slot machines. It is critical to note that not all games under this category contribute fully on wagering requirements. For example, blackjack contributes very little towards the entire wagering requirements.

No deposit free spins: no deposit free spins are usually offered to players to play on online slots and just like the bonus cash, they have a wagering requirement cap attached on them. Also, a player has to know the duration time in which they can be used. Such information is found in the terms and conditions.

Free play no deposit bonus: free play is another type of offer you will find with no deposit bonus. It is almost similar to the free cash bonus as you are offered a certain sum of money you can wage on. There are however two significant differences, first, the bonus amount offered are large as compared to bonus cash which can be as much as $3000 or more. Second, the casino operator sets time limit upon which players have to use to play the whole bonus money. It is usually 60 minutes time limit before the offer expires.

Where can you use no deposit bonuses?

The first best game a player can spend the new player bonus no deposit is the online slots which is very popular with most online casino players. The games are slots games are purely based on luck. Everyone can play them and they include thousands of different of them a player can select from. The much simpler one is the 3-reel slot machines which is suitable for beginners while the 5-reel are for advanced players as they are equipped with many features.

The other one to spend your free spins is the progressive jackpot slots. These include slots like the Mega Moolah, Jackpot Giant and the Mega Fortune which have high rewards and they keep on increasing as more players play. They can become huge and just one free spin of the reels can make you become the richest person. Players can also utilise the no deposit bonus casino on card games, roulette, blackjack, poker and many more. You can as well use them on most popular games like book of dead and a lot more.

Besides, players should know about no deposit bonus terms and conditions as all bonuses given by casino operators are governed by them. The rules attached to every bonus in a casino are aimed at protecting the casino against bonus abuse. One of the popular conditions set by casinos on no deposit bonus is the wagering requirements which are essentially important for players to know. The casino will demand you wager the bonus offered for a given number of times before your winnings are redeemable. Other restrictions you might encounter include wagering contributions, bonus validity, maximum capped amount and minimum deposit.

The best games to spend no deposit bonus

As an online casino player, you can win real money for free if you play online slots using no deposit bonus. Card games, roulette, blackjacks, poker and lotto are some of other best games players can spend no deposit bonus and increase chances of winning real cash. Choosing the best new player no deposit bonus and understanding the terms and conditions is what will determine the possibility of winning real money. There are lists of casino games a punter can play on for free and win real money using a no deposit bonus. There are casino games where a player can get the highest Return to Player percentage (RTP), the best ever bonuses to play online and the right volatility. It is important therefore to put into consideration some variables that include the licences the casino holds, the terms and conditions the no deposit bonus has, the RTP of the bonus games provided and the payment methods the casino has as a way of acceptance to pay out what the player wins.

Final verdict

When it comes to no deposit bonus in online casinos, it is essentially important to note that this is part of a welcome bonus and it is only applicable to new players who are joining the casino and want to play for first time. therefore no deposit bonus works only for new players and they are best risk-free opportunities new members can increase their chances of winning real cash.

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