How long are bonuses around for?

Online casinos can be defined as platforms where gamblers are allowed to play and wage on a wide selection of favorite casino games through the internet. Online casinos have other names like virtual casinos or internet casinos. Online casinos are actually the modern version of the traditional casinos which are commonly known as brick and mortar. The only difference between the two is that players paly and wage on online casino using the internet. Generally, we can differentiate online casinos from the traditional type because of the high percentage of odds and payback.

Casino bonuses are additional free incentives online casinos offer to their customers to help them boost their chances of winning through bets. Casino bonuses can be in form of monetary funds, free spins and other promotional offers. Casino bonuses offered to new members on site are known as sign up or welcome bonuses and usually used to welcome and encourage them on the casino. Sign up bonuses are usually given upon signing up for an account. Some casinos require new customers to make a deposit after a sign up to claim the bonus while others don’t require any deposit, no deposit casino bonuses. There are other casino bonuses for both new and existing members. We have those offered for loyal players and there are those that are offered to members who have remained dormant for some time to encourage them betting on their sites.

Players on online casinos should be aware of such offers so that they can take advantage of them and make winnings for real money. Casinos bonuses are risk free because they are free and if you make winnings, you earn real money and if you lose on waging, you have nothing to lose, after all it was just for free. The standard duration of casino bonuses is usually 30 days from the time the offer is given.

So how long are bonuses around for?

After you have been given an offer with any online casino, a player should know how long casino bonuses stay so that he can make use of them at an appropriate time for real money. There are infinite amount of offers in terms of bonuses that online casinos give out to their customers. What are important before you can start using the bonuses are the terms and conditions the casinos have placed on them. The terms and conditions stipulate how long the bonuses can be around and some other requirements. Most casinos offer casino bonuses with conditions like wagering requirements. A player has to meet the requirements that are set so as to qualify withdrawing the real money won from the casino bonuses.

Casino bonuses exist and come in different forms and types. Most of the casino bonuses that exist have the same features with most online casinos. There are slight variations in the terms and conditions and how they are used on different platforms. The no deposit bonus for example is one of the most common casino bonuses that exist. It is popular on most bookmakers and the terms of cashing out real money from the winnings are a bit complex. No deposit can be offered in terms of free spins or credit cash for free so that players can make a wage risk free. The wagering requirement is what makes no deposit bonus difficult to cash out. The player might end up using up most of the winnings made in other bets so that you can claim the real money won from the bonuses.

There is the welcome bonus which is actually worth the most to an online casino player. Also known as the sign up or opening bonus, this type of online casino bonus is usually given in a 10% offer and can double the amount you willingly choose to deposit into your account. Some of the welcome bonuses can be offered in a much higher percentage than 100%. This is a good idea and players should compare different casino sites for different casino bonuses before deciding which one offers the best out of the rest. Bonuses are sometimes offered in stages while others are offered just once. This is quite essentially important for the player to know before you can claim to use them.

Loyalty bonuses are also used with most bookmakers which are sometimes called reload bonuses. The amount of them usually depends on how loyal a player has used a particular site to play bets. Bonuses can stay around as much as they can until the casino decides to change it. Others are offered for just a season and when the expiry times goes, they seize.

What about claimed bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are offered to motivate members on the casino platforms. They however remain inactive until they are claimed. Most bookmakers a validity of 30 days on most of them from the time you claim them or the casino can decide how long online casino bonuses stay.

What are the best bonuses to claim and keep?

Most bookmakers have found special ways of attracting and maintaining players onto their sites. They have done this by implementing a process of rewarding them with special bonus offers and promotions. There are very many casino bonuses in the industry and some of them are worth claiming and keeping because they have good offers compared to others. It is up to the player to compare and found out which online casino bonuses stay.

The welcome bonus is one of them that are popular and good to claim and keep. It is offered when new members sign up for an account. The welcome percentages of this bonus are usually in variances and players should look out for the best. The next one is the no deposit bonus which is worth claiming and keeping although it has some conditions when you need to withdraw the winnings for real money. A player will have to play several times on the free bet to claim the winnings.

The reload is another best bonus a player can claim and keep. Reload bonuses are popularly known as loyalty and the offer usually depends on how often a player remains active on the site. They always offered to loyal players to motivate them to continue playing on the site.

The cash-back bonuses are also offered by bookmakers and players can claim and keep. This is literally money back offered to a player for loosing bets over the week. You can use the money on bets and win real money.
What should you look out for when playing these bonuses?

Before a player decides to play on casinos using casino bonuses, conditions such as wagering requirements should be considered. Bonuses like the no deposit have wagering requirements that must be fulfilled when you want to withdraw winnings from your account. Minimum and maximum deposits into your account should also be considered. Some casinos require a minimum deposit into an account to qualify for any deposit while others don’t demand the same.

Final verdict

Bonuses in online casino industries are what define gambling nowadays. This is because of development in technology that has brought about competition in the industry. Casinos give offers and they are them to decide how long are the bonuses around for.

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