What are No Deposit Bonuses?

Online casinos can be defined as platforms where gamblers are allowed to play and wage on a wide selection of favorite casino games through the internet. Online casinos have other names like virtual casinos or internet casinos. Online casinos are actually the modern version of the traditional casinos which are commonly known as brick and mortar. The only difference between the two is that players paly and wage on online casino using the internet. Generally, we can differentiate online casinos from the traditional type because of the high percentage of odds and payback.

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Casino bonuses are additional incentives online casinos offer their customers with to boost their chances of making wins when they play and bet on their sites. The offers might come in terms of free spins which is popular in most casino slots games, no deposit bonuses, deposit matching in bonus cash, sign up or welcome bonuses and many more. Online casino bonuses have become so popular nowadays with most online casinos. Most online casinos offer bonuses to their customers as a way of attracting and enticing them to continue playing on their sites. Each type of online casino bonus has its advantages and sometimes conditions known as wagering requirements. They are basically used by players to increase their chances of making wins without risking their initial deposit.  No deposit is more popular because players don’t require depositing any amount in their accounts to play. They only need an active betting account and they are good to go.

So what are no deposit bonuses?

What are no deposit bonuses is a question that many gamblers will ask themselves every time they visit a casino site because this kind of bonus is a popular one but very rare in online casino industry. This is a free bonus online casinos offer to their customers so that they can use to play games and earn real money. It doesn’t require any deposit to start betting on games but rather an active account and you claim the offer straight away. The bonus is usually used by casino sites to target new members on their platform. Players are members and have been dormant for sometimes are also the target for this offer.

No deposit bonuses generally are an offer players might use to test the waters without committing their cash on games they aren’t sure of. They are real money offers players can use for free to wage although they might not be used on certain games or titles. However, players should look for the terms and conditions applied on such bonuses. No deposit bonuses always are notorious in putting waging requirements. Some casino sites have offered additional prizes that are not in form of cash. Players are offered free spins, free table chips, casino game credits or loyalty points which count as real money for playing.

No deposit bonuses are sometimes offered by certain sites with a special code or a coupon that players can use to unlock them. The codes of no deposit bonuses are usually not concealed and can be found quite easily as they are promoted on the homepage or sometimes on the bonus page. The codes can as well be sent via email in the online casino’s newsletter. Existing members can also get no deposit bonuses through their emails as a comeback incentive for those who have been dormant for a while.

What kind of no deposit bonuses exist?

We have several kinds of no deposit casino bonuses that are popular and exist in the online casino industry. The most popular ones include the free spins no deposit and the no deposit free money. Others include the free cash and the cash backs. Below is no deposit bonus explanation on some of them on how they work:

Free Spins No Deposit: This is where online casinos give players free spins that don’t have wagering requirements and they usually specify the online slots the free spins are applicable.

No deposit free money: This is quite similar to the Free Spins No Deposit but in this case of bonus, free money play is offered instead of free spins which a player can use to wage on favorite games and win real money. They usually target new members who want to explore the site to try some casino games.

Cash backs: This is usually an offer in form of goodwill to active members on their casino sites. They normally target members on the platform who have incurred several loses after playing games. They are usually used to encourage player to have another free chance of playing after losing and they can win real money when used correctly on games.

Free spins and free play: These kinds are similar to no deposit free spins only that in this type, players use the free spins to bet in a specified time or on a certain date.

What should you know about no deposit bonuses?

Casino no deposit bonuses are the popular offers that exist in online casino industry, however, some sites put terms and conditions on them for players to rightful use them effectively to their benefit. Some of the conditions the no deposit bonuses carry are the wagering requirements. Other online casino sites give free spins no deposit no wager, meaning that there are no conditions that have to be met when using them. It is important for players to take note of the terms and conditions so that they don’t find it difficult using the bonuses.

A wagering requirement can be termed as the number of times a player has to bet using the bonus money offered by the casino provider before he can claim the real cash withdrawal. Bonuses offered by online casinos usually have sets of conditions a player must meet. Online casinos put conditions like the wagering requirement and maybe the minimum withdrawal limit. The conditions can be hard to comprehend by new members on site. When sign up on a new online casino site and make deposits, you might be asked to fulfil a wagering requirement when you want to withdraw real money from your account.

No Deposit Bonuses pros and cons

No deposit bonuses are essentially important in online casino and they are more popular. You can boost your chances of winning big using no deposit bonuses. Casino bonuses no deposit has advantages and some disadvantages as discussed below:


  • Players have a chance of experiencing gaming in real money situation.
  • Players benefit from generous amounts of bonus money to place a stake without risking their initial account deposits.
  • You can benefit from game type or title (exclusive promotions)
  • Deposit bonuses can boost the chances of winning real money.
  • Sometimes you don’t need to deposit money to place a wager.


  • Sometimes no deposit bonuses have conditions like wagering requirements a player has to fulfil to claim real money made from the bonuses.
  • The bonuses with no deposit can sometimes be used on certain games and titles and not all the games.

Final verdict

Casino bonuses no deposit is one of the best ideas a player can take advantage of and win real money without making any deposit to your account. It is exciting to bet for free and win real money otherwise you should take note of the terms and conditions too.

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