What are the best slots for Free Spins?

Every time you play online casino games you will come across the term free spins. Before we can define the meaning of free spins, let’s have a brief description of online casinos. Also known as Internet casinos or virtual casinos, an online casino is an online game that allows gamblers to place a wager using the internet. It is different form of gambling that is quite different from the land-based because they offer payback percentages and odds. Some of them claim a very attractive payback percentage for games on slot machines while others make pay-out percentage audit publicity on their sites.


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What is free spins bonus in online casino? Free spins in online casinos on the other hand refers to a single spin of a reel offered to players for free as a way of motivating them. Different online casinos offer different numbers of spins and all the winnings you made through the free spins bonuses goes directly to the player’s bankroll or can be used as play money. It is important to know about best free slots for free spins so that you can choose the right site for playing slots and take advantage of attractive free spins offered.

So how do you find the best slots for free spins?

There are different types of free spins all over the world played and enjoyed by many people. The slots for free spins have been in existence for a long period and the offers keep on changing due to the advancement in technology.

You can get the best slots for free spins by going through the best online reviews that give guidelines to choosing the best slots for free spins. Through the online reviews, you can read through the guidelines and you will get information about choosing the winning slots that offer the highest pay-outs. Beginners might fight it quite difficult to choose the right slots for free spins because they might not have knowledge about them. They assume that all slots are the same and end up picking on any. Online reviews have done research and provided up to date information about how to go about it and choosing the best from the rest. As a beginner, you can also create time for yourself and look out the designs of the game and also get more information from the community and know what they say about the best slots for free spins.

What are the best slots for free spins?

There are different types of free spins bonuses players can take advantage of in the online casino industry. The casino industry is becoming more popular and millions of people are finding ways into playing casino slots with a lot of free spins on offer. As a newbie in the industry, you need to be on the safer side when looking for the best slots for free spins. Every online casino you come across is packed with slots for free spins and they are offered differently. Below are some of the best slots a beginner can utilise and make real money:

Samurai Split

Samurai is a common term you can’t miss when japan is mentioned. It speaks of a Japanese elite warrior in the shoguns error and this is how the Samurai Split slot was derived from. It is modern online slot machine that depicts a sharp Japanese sword. The gameplay is similar to any other slot game but it is slightly different because it the prizes and other bonuses provided in this gameplay multiply at a very faster rate. This is what makes it stand out from the rest. The Samurai Split is a new online slot in the market powered by NextGen Gaming software.

It has a titular warriors theme that spreads from the backdrop to the reels’ icons. It has a Japanese setting just like the term goes. The Samurai split slot features a 5 real with twenty five payline slots. It is compatible on all devices and features a split symbol Bonus with every symbol being split to have bigger wins. The samurai split offers players with play demo and is a favourite slot game with most players. Players can game from 40p up to £20 on every spin on all devices and there is an offer of up to 480 free spins players can utilize to win big.

Siberian Storm

The Siberian Storm is the latest and unique slot that is made up of Scatters, Free Spins and Stackable Wilds with line bet pay-out that can rise up to 1000 times. It also features Multiway Xtra Award which allows players to win in 720 ways. This online slot machine is quite different from the rest with the way it allows players to win slot games in 720 ways with a unique 5-reel. It has a cutting-edged hexagonal design and the method of payment is modern for easy winning chances.

Siberian Storm has the Siberian cat theme which makes it catchy to the eye of the player. Much is yet to be discovered why this game has attracted many players. Online poker players can also find it easy using the IGT slot Chain Reactor and play for free. They can as well play the Siberian Storm at the 888 online casinos for real money. Like most of the best online slots for free spins, the Siberian Storm offers a demo slot video you can play at Sky Vegas. The slot is a fixed 50 multi-coin and offers a wide coin value range meaning a player can chose from a minimum of £0.01 and a maximum of up to £3. Each spin can allow a stake that translates to £0.50 and can rise to £150.


The Cleopatra slot is unique in its own in a way that has made itself more popular to players. Like other slot machines, Cleopatra video slot features a 5 reel with 20 lines with an ancient Egypt theme. It has great and attractive free spins bonuses for the players to take advantage of. Players have the possibility of earning 15 or even more free spins which translates to more than three of what they get. They also offer a jackpot that can reach 10,000 credits besides, it has an amazing Return To Player average (RTP) of 95.02 and this is makes it unique and generous online slot machine on the market.

Fortunes of Sparta

This online slot machine is powered by Blueprint Gaming themed with Greek battle. It can be played from 25p for every spin which vary from medium to high slot. It has a play demo video and other amazing bonuses. Three symbols on this slot machine offers eight spins, four bonus symbols provide ten free spins, 5 gives 12 free spins and much more.

What else should you know about free spins?

There are other important things a player should know about free spins and one of them is the Return to Player percentage (RTP). This is a percentage that reflects all wagered amount payed back to players by a slot. The RTP is essentially helpful if you want to have knowledge about winning at slots. You should also determine the volatility of games commonly referred to as variance. This helps in determining the potential risk in playing a given slot game for real money. Another thing players should know about free spins is looking at wild symbols. Wild symbols are slot symbols that can represent other symbols in the slot. However, they stand in for scatters, spins or other bonus symbols. They can only be substituted for winning slot combo.

So are free spins worth it?

Free spins in slot machine remain very popular and are worth because they help players win more money without spending a lot. With free spins, you can win real money and bolster player’s bankroll with big wins. There is an experience of new games that have never been played and also helps you improve on your playing skills.

Final verdict

Playing different types of free spins bonuses helps players win big in online slot machines at no cost. When selecting the best slots for free spins, make sure you read the terms and conditions that are attached to them.

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