What is a flash/instant play casino?

Online casinos can be defined as platforms where gamblers are allowed to play and wage on a wide selection of favorite casino games through the internet. Online casinos have other names like virtual casinos or internet casinos. Online casinos are actually the modern version of the traditional casinos which are commonly known as brick and mortar. The only difference between the two is that players paly and wage on online casino using the internet. Generally, we can differentiate online casinos from the traditional type because they offer high percentage odds and payback. This is what stands out between the two.

Flash or instant play casinos are useful to players because they can be used instantly without downloading them. They are basically easy to use because of their flexibility and they allow players to access and also play all casino games instantly because there is no need of downloading anything. All what a player needs in order play on the flash/instant casino are access to internet and the latest version of Adobe Flash. We can therefore conclude that they are sometimes referred to as Flash play casinos because they  use the Adobe Flash.

How do Flash/instant play casinos work?

What are instant play online casinos in gambling industry? These are literally online bookmakers that provide flash-based casino games, which are also called instant play games to most online players. Players who prefer playing on flash/instant play casinos don’t necessarily require to download or install software as players can access and play the games from the web browser on the casino platform. Although flash/instant play casinos offer small bonuses, the bonuses are typically lucrative and easy.

Some of these online casinos with instant play include a £5 no deposit bonus or its currency equivalent offered by Betfair to all new players on its platform. When a player makes a deposit on his/her account, there is a choice of three welcome bonuses on offer. William Hill Vegas is another casino that offers flash/instant play casino games and it does this with a £30 bonus offer when you make a deposit of £10 and you keep the winnings. Flash/instant play casino platforms are favorite for players who like trying luck randomly and severally without being confined to just a specific betting platform. Some, if not majority of the online casinos have dressed their platforms with instant play casinos and they allow players to play on their platforms 24/7.

Sometimes back the game selection offered on instant play casinos ranged between 25% and 50% which was a reflection of the total gaming content that could be downloaded. With so much advancement in technology, nowadays it incorporates all the games you can ever find in downloadable online casino platforms. Instant play gaming is what most bookmakers seem to desire to incorporate fully on their platforms without the option of downloading everything first.

Security wise, the flash/instant play casinos are much the same as the operators of these platforms take measures like the implementation of SSL certificates that ensure maximum protection of transactions and other personal information.

Flash/Instant Play Casinos vs. Download Casinos

There are absolutely no differences when we compare instant play casino games and download casino games in terms of quality. We had some differences in the early years with download games having better quality but that is a thing of the past. Both have great features, have a lot of graphics and boast of offering entertainment to its players. There is just a slight difference between the two. Players who use flash/instant casinos will note that the games aren’t visually pleasing to the eyes compared to downloaded casinos. Besides, the games in flash have been downscaled in terms of size to adopt the feature of flexibility so that they can load quickly and played quite easily. This however has resulted to the intervention with their display quality as sometimes they can appear to be much smaller than they ought to be. Otherwise, all flash/instant games are extremely fast and very flexible and convenient on the go. A player should always select an option that best fits his/her expectations, range of games and lifestyle. Before you decide on which platform you want to play, go through the list of instant play online casinos so that you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle and avoid disappointment.

How do you access a flash/instant play casino?

To access games on a flash/instant casino, a player will require for the most part, visit a favorite site, register and play on the platform. Once you have registered, there is unlimited access to all that is offered with the flash/instant play casino. With advanced technology, most online casino provides instant play portals that can be accessed through a web browser. This is simply known as an online flash casino.

Pros and cons of Flash/Instant Play casino

As earlier mentioned in this review in plight to find out what is instant play casinos, we noted that instant play casinos are platforms that allow online players to use web browser to access a casino site and start playing without downloading the casino software. These types of online casinos give high standards of privacy and they offer greater options if you prefer not to have their software on your desktop. There is however advantages and disadvantages players can encounter on platforms that offer flash/instant play which are discussed below.

Pros of Flash/Instant play casinos

  • Flash/instant play casino platforms are the way to go for players who appreciate fast and instant access to all favorite iGaming entertainment.
  • Players who use flash/instant play casinos also benefit from high speed
  • They are very flexible compared to downloadable versions.
  • Players benefit from maximum memory.
  • They also offer much compatibility
  • They don’t need to be downloaded so that you can start playing.
  • They are compatible with most devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • They are easy to use
  • They work perfectly on any system

Cons of Instant Play Casinos

The disadvantages of instant/flash casinos are not great but they are worth of consideration to any player.

  • The game variety is not up to par with downloadable versions.
  • Players might experience internet speed.
  • The site quality is worth an issue for smooth instant casino gaming.
  • Some of them have limited game selection.

Final verdict

In this review of instant play online casinos, we have noted that as compared to downloadable version on online casinos, the two have the same features. The graphics and sound quality of the two are the same. They in most cases the two use similar sound effects, animations, graphics as well as music. The instant/flash play casinos are powered by the HTML5 and Flash software. This makes it be at par with the downloadable versions. Few of the most leading online casino operators are powered by HTML5. Majority of them that have migrated to mobile games technology still opt to use Adobe Flash as it is convenient to support bulk of instant play online casino games. This is however poised to change in the coming few years. HTML5 actually is powerful software that when used in mobile casino applications will make them obsolete. It is a good idea for players to try instant play casinos.

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