What is free spins bonus? What kinds of free spins bonuses exist?

Most online casino players have encountered free spins bonus and other promotions when they play on most casinos. Before we answer what are free spins bonus, we need to know the meaning of online casinos. Online casinos are sometimes known as Internet casinos or virtual casinos and are online games whereby online gamblers have a chance of putting wagers through the internet. This is different form of gambling from the land-based because of the payback percentages and odds offered. Some of them claim a very attractive payback percentage for games on slot machines while others make pay-out percentage audit public on their sites.

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casino-gods-bonus What is a free spins bonus?

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Online casino free spins bonus on the other hand can be defined as any incentive an online casino operator offers to all its members as a way of motivating them to play on their platforms. It can sometimes be additional funds to what a player deposited on the account to place a bet. The winnings made by players can be used as real money to place another wager or cashed out for other uses. Many people in the world are using online casino free spins bonuses to make real money. Having an idea about free spins bonuses is important because it helps a player to know how to use them. There are also the terms and conditions that accompany the free spins bonus like the wagering requirements and it is also important a player knows about them.

What kinds of free spins bonuses exist?

What is free spins bonus on the online casino platform? In a basic term, free spins bonus is a single spin of a reel that is offered freely by online casino. It only requires a single click on the reel. The free spins bonus usually can be used on online as well as mobile slots games. Online free spins come in different types and the most popular ones used are the free spins deposit bonus and no deposit free spins bonus although there are other variations.

Free spins without deposits

One way of receiving free spins bonus without making deposit is by signing up for an online casino. This is usually an offer that some online casinos give only once although other casinos provide regular free spins promotions to users and they also don’t require any deposit. Free spins without deposits are always provided to its users upon release of new slots and are offered on limited periods. The promotion usually can go for a maximum of two days once the new slots are released. Unibet is an example of a casino that has such offers for its customers. It can give five spins or more and it can go up to ten free spins.

Deposit bonus online free spins

Free spins with deposit bonus is another form of online casino bonus most casinos offer to all of their players. It is usually a reward in form of money that a casino can deposit on player’s account when he/she makes the first deposit. Deposit bonuses can sometimes be in a form of free spins and some other free bonuses rewarded as well.

Most of the deposit bonuses offered by online casino providers are available to players depending on the amount of deposits made into their accounts. The amount is usually not fixed with most of the sites and you can find a deposit of 50 percent. If you make a deposit of say £100 in your account, the online casino provides will offer an extra £50 for you to wager on. Most casinos usually put a limit to deposit bonuses and the £200 has been seen to be popular in this case. There are terms and conditions that are linked with the bonuses, for example, you can only be allowed to withdraw the earnings you make from the bonuses after spending a certain amount of your own deposit.

Welcome package free spins

Casinos that deal with slot games offer free spins to their customers as part of welcome bonus. The offer usually comprises of ten or twenty free spins on most of the online casino sites. Sometimes the offer can be claimed after you have made the required minimum deposit on the casino account. In this case, the free spins are between twenty and two hundred. In the case of a hundred or more free spins bonuses, there are increments for the few days running.

Promotional free spins

  • Most online casinos offer free spins through a tournament whereby a player can opt to participate in the promotion as per the requirements of the promotion.
  • These promotions usually have rankings which require you to win free spins.
  • You do not require making a deposit for you to claim the free spins but you are allowed to wager real money for you to participate.
  • The free spins bonus casino therefore is not free at the end of the day.

How do free spins work?

Online casino free spins work in very different ways depending on the casino provider. With free spins, a player is allowed to spin the online casino reels for free for a specified number of times. The casino free spins bonuses are most of time offered through a promotion or as a bonus offer. They are usually set to a higher number of lines on every given slot. The value of the free spins is not limited depending to the type of promotion provided. You can stop the game in between sets of free spins and resume again later. Also realise that free spins are applicable on a particular game at a time which means they cannot be carried forward to the next game. Free spins can be used by players to boost their online casino betting and are a great way players can make profits and earn real money.

What should you know about free spins?

Casino free spins are very popular all over the world and have attracted most online players. When players make advantage of the online casino free spins they sometimes make winnings for real money there comes a time when they want to cashout the winnings into real money and use it elsewhere. Some of the casinos have conditions on the free spins offered and as a player you might incur extra money before they make withdrawals because of the conditions termed as wagering requirements. Wagering requirements in online casinos is a condition set out by the casinos for the player to place several wagers on the bonus money before the cash can be withdrawn.

The conditions vary from one casino site to the other and it usually has a minimum limit on withdrawals. It is important therefore to choose an online casino site that displays the conditions clearly for players to read. The requirements should also be outlined in a manner that the player understands.

So are free spins worth it?

Free spins are worth it because players can use them to make big wins for real money. The main reason why most players use free spins is that they can benefit you in increasing your bankroll when you make big wins for real cash. They can sometimes act as a stepping stone to win big on your favorite online casino games. When you choose the right online casino as the first step in making possible winnings, online casino bonuses are worth it. The right online casino site provides the best game selection which can include your favorite games which allow you to utilize the bonuses.

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Final verdict

Every casino free spins bonus a player encounters appears attractive than the previous thanks to the advancement in technology. Online casino nowadays is a competitive platform and each day the providers are thinking on ways of making the free spin bonuses much better. In deed free spins bonus is worth it and can earn lots of real money as long as the player applies the required principles and skills.

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