What is live online casino?

As the technology advances in the field of online casinos, the presentation of the games in the industry by most of the casino providers has also progressed. Many providers have introduced presentations that are effective, advanced and convenient to attract more customers and make the whole thing entertaining.


The introduction of live online casino has changed everything and playing them at the comfort of your home makes you feel like you are actually playing in the real casino. Live casino is as any other ordinary online casino played on computer with graphic features for your bets, the game board and bankroll. It only has an additional live video link united to a professional croupier who deals with wheel spinning, cards and acknowledges bets. It is the online croupier who determines the outcome of an event instead of a Random Number Generator (RNG). The dealer also engages online players creating an ambient and social atmosphere. Live casino online are becoming more popular as the action looks a little closer compared to how games are played in land-based casinos. Some of the best include the spin casino, ruby fortune, betway, royal Vegas, all slots and the list is endless.

What should you know about Live Online Casino Technology?

In the beginning of this review, I believe we have answered the question about what is live online casino. There is a lot we need to know about live casino technology, how they work, and the role of live dealers during the live event and why the event has become more popular nowadays.

Live online casino has become more popular this day because of the technology advancement. If we compare it to how it is played in a land-based casino, live online casino can be seen to appear somehow closer concerning how the games are played. The new technology has made everything convenient for players to play and enjoy the game at the comfort of their living room without necessarily visiting a local casino.

The advancement in technology has made it easier as you can play on the go through your android device. There are mobile live dealer games, which offer players with an amazing gaming experience. The mobile version does not require you to download software onto your android device if you are playing instant live dealer games. The difference when using the mobile other than the PC is that, the graphics and some other features with the mobile version have been downsized so that the strain on your connection is minimized.

Live online casino technology also involves a croupier, commonly known as an online real live dealer who is behind the roulette, spins wheels, deals with cards and a lot more. Besides, the dealer interacts with players by answering their questions in a live scene. The live dealer is the one who determines the outcome of the event as opposed to the use of the Random Number Generator.

Main difference between Live Casinos and Online Casinos

Earlier on in the review, we described briefly, what live online casinos are and compared them with normal online casinos. To understand the differences between live casinos and online casinos, we have to ask ourselves again, what are live online casinos? In our earlier statement, we understood that live casinos have a gaming format that is slightly different from others in the online casino industry.

The first difference we can identify between the two is that online live casino brings the real-life casino experience to both your PC and unto your smartphone screen. Online live casino allows the player to enjoy bets and the live game in the comfort of his home. In addition, the online live casino dealer is present to serve the online players and engages them directly during the live event. It is described a social gaming event as you are allowed to talk to the croupier directly as if you are talking to him/her when both of you are sitting on a table.

Compared to online casinos, live casino games online are wide and include some of the notable ones like the live roulette, the famous blackjack, Texas Holdem, amongst others that provide players with the state-of-the-art gameplay. On top of that, they offer obscure games which a total different game mechanic from what you are used to.

Even though the croupier in live online casino performs all the actions and that determines the outcome, the outcome is purely random and the speed at which each round goes through is slow. This is because the croupier spends most of the time engaging online casino players. These are the main differences between live casinos and online casinos and now that you have an idea about how it works, you can make a decision to try to see how it goes.

Best Live Casinos

With the advancement in technology, online casino live is so far a promising trend on the casino market nowadays. The addition of mobile casino apps has spiced everything to meet the stretching demand of gambling players in the casino industry. Online live casinos are many and selecting the best can sometimes be hard. There a number of factors you have to consider when choosing the best one.

Game selection should be the first thing to consider if you want the best online live casino. The best is idea is not always the variety of games the casino site provides but rather thee game selection in the game section. Always look out the games they offer and be contented that what you are looking for is provided by the online live casino.

The other factor to consider for the best live casino is the bonuses and promotions being offered. Promotions and bonuses in any online casino site is an advantage to the player as it is a motivation. They should include bonuses in form of free spins, money-back promotions, prize draws and a lot more. An online live casino with limited bonuses is a disadvantage to the player.

Banking is the next important factor for the purposes of depositing and withdrawing money. A good online live casino should provide also alternative methods of depositing and withdrawing real money from your online account after making your winnings.

You should also look for your online safety when playing and the encryption certification and software are important when it comes to offering tight security of your personal details.

Which games are included with Live Online Casinos?

The top most popular game offered on live online casino is the live blackjack. This game has a real blackjack table with sets of real cards, which are shuffled by a real online croupier, an employee of the online casino. In this game, players banter with other players and the croupier as they place their bets.

The next game is the live Roulette, which is an exciting and interactive gaming experience, which a player interacts with the dealer as he/she gets an experience with the roulette in Vegas that does not have the price tag.

In addition, there is the live baccarat casino game that is normally played at a similar table like that of the casino cards. It is a very popular game in the online casino industry with great promotions that offers low waging on most popular variations. Other games include the live Hold’em, live dragoon tiger and live dreamcatcher.

Final verdict

The trending thing that almost everyone is talking of is the online casino. A trend is poised to continue to dominate the internet years to come. Playing online live casino is simple, convenient and entertaining and as the technology changes, more and more improvements are expected to be witnessed in this industry. Players are going to enjoy very many choices. This is now up to the player to stay up dated everyday so that nothing is missed.

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